Hey all! Long time, no see.

For the last few months, I have been heads-down completely rebuilding https://newslettertosocials.com from scratch and interviewing dozens of professional content marketers. I’m here to share what I’ve built, what I’ve learned, and what the future looks like.

1. Building Newsletter to Socials

For those of you who don’t know, I am the creator of https://newslettertosocials.com, an all-in-one tool that turns your newsletter or blog into engaging social media content. I launched this site in December, and right from the beginning, I knew what I had built was a huge step in the right direction, but it was not enough…

You focus on writing. We'll handle getting you seen.
You focus on writing. We'll handle getting you seen.

Version 2 of Newsletter to Socials focuses on automation. Based on my conversations with writers who used Version 1, I needed to build something that could generate engaging content from a newsletter and get those posts onto EVERY social media platform automatically.

So that’s exactly what I built!

You can check it out at https://newslettertosocials.com/. It is currently 100% free to use because I really want to learn what will make this a better tool, and the best way to do that is with people using it!

2. Content Marketing for your Newsletter

For the redesign & relaunch of Newsletter to Socials, I wanted to learn more about content marketing because I wanted to build the most effective tool for newsletter creators. Over the course of 3 weeks, I conducted 27 interviews with professional content marketers. I’ll be sharing my findings over the next few months in this newsletter, but here were some of my key takeaways for promoting your content.

  1. Identify a Target Audience
    Know exactly who you are writing for. As writers, we have a tendency to edit until our writing “sounds good”. While “sounding good” is important for quality, appealing to your target audience is crucial for growth.

  2. Be Anywhere and Everywhere
    You never know where you will be discovered and by who. Getting seen takes creativity. How can you get creative about how and where you share your content?

  3. Consistency is Key
    Sometimes there is a reason why a certain issue or post brings in lots of growth, and sometimes, there is not. A single tweet can bring you more of a following than everything else you have ever done combined. I’ve seen it happen. To maximize your chances of getting that high-growth moment, be consistent with your posting. Not just with your newsletter, but also in your marketing efforts on social media.

  4. Funnel, Schedule, and Reuse
    There was one thing in common with all the content marketers I spoke with. All of them use many different tools to save themselves time. It’s hard to have enough time to do each of the above effectively! But by being efficient and using tools, you can reuse, automate, and schedule your existing content, all to maximize your exposure.

3. The Future

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3. Live, not just preach, your mission. My product assists newsletter creators in growing their social media presence. I have done this on IG, but haven't on other platforms and that made some moments feel awkward.
Matthew Krager @kragerDev

May 10th 2022

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The best way to grow something is to preach it AND live it. I will use this and my other newsletters as showcases of what Newsletter to Socials can achieve. I have so much to share about my journey with Newsletter to Socials.

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Takeaway: Maybe feeling some imposter syndrome, but I'm starting up my food newsletter again so I can live what I'm preaching on all platforms. Also, I'll be forced to regularly test my own site (not that I don't already!)
Matthew Krager @kragerDev

May 10th 2022

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I will be posting the following kinds of content in this newsletter:

  • Newsletter growth case studies

  • A look into the world of professional content marketing

  • Updates on Newsletter to Socials

If you’d like me to do a deep dive into your newsletter and give personalized tips and strategies for growth, I’d be happy to feature your newsletter as a case study! Respond directly to this email or reach out at matthew@newslettertosocials.com